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M521 Stand Alone SNP Test
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M521 Stand Alone SNP Test
Price: 39.00 USD
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Purpose of test: To provide individuals who are confirmed members of Y-DNA Subclade E1b1b1a (M78+) with further resolution through  SNP testing.

Availability:  Open to males who are confirmed members of Y-DNA Subclade E1b1b1a (M78+).

Technology Used:  Y-DNA SNP Panel.  This test examines the M521 SNP marker which defines a single further subclade of E1b1b1a (M78+), namely E1b1b1a5 (M521+) .

Prerequisites:  The Y-DNA Haplogroup E Subclade Test.  Your membership in subclade E1b1b1a (M78+) must be confirmed before you can proceed with M521 SNP Testing.

Individuals who have taken the Haplogroup E Subclade test may benefit from selectively testing newly discovered SNPs that are relevant to their particular subclade.

How should I proceed with stand alone SNP testing?

Begin by reading this product description.  If you are interested in ordering a M521 Stand Alone SNP Test, we recommend that you read this entire product description carefully to understand what to expect from the results of this test.

Who is qualified to order the M521 Stand Alone SNP Test?

Prerequisites:  Individuals who have taken the E Subclade test and confirmed positive for M78 (confirmed E1b1b1a).

(new nomenclature)

(old nomenclature)

Terminal SNP






Qualified, recommended, may provide further resolution

What will this test tell me?

SNP M521 has been identified as a SNP located immediately downstream of M78.  Individuals who are M78 positive but negative for V12, M224, V32, V13, V22, M148, V19and V65 are currently classified as E1b1b1a.  However, the recent discovery of M521 allows further classification of E1b1b1a individuals into E1b1b1a5.

If you are currently a confirmed member of E1b1b1a and you test positive for M521, you will be further subclassified as E1b1b1a5.  However, if you test negative for M521, your Subclade will remain E1b1b1a.