Sat, August 24, 2019

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Build your Interactive Family Tree. It's Free!

It's free! Your online family tree is completely free. DNA testing is optional. Build your family tree by adding everything you know, invite your family to help out and add what they know. Your family tree will have a built-in genetic calculator which will calculate how to trace the ancestry of different lines in your family. Use your tree to share, store and organize your ancestry research.

Genebase Database Size

  • 67 Y-DNA Haplogroup Population Studies
  • 3,214 Y-DNA Haplogroup Study Size
  • 913 mtDNA Haplogroup Population Studies
  • 104,028 Y-DNA Haplogroup Study Size

Why start an online family tree?

Use Genebase to:

  • Build your family tree
  • Invite relatives to collaborate
  • Preserve your family history
  • Discover new relatives
  • Share family photos and videos
  • Remember birthdays & anniversaries

Collaborate with friends and family

Invite your family and friends to join and view your tree. As members of your family pitch in to add information, you can track the updates live.

Collaborate with family to trace multiple ancestral lines with DNA.

Built-in DNA Calculator

Use DNA to fill in the gaps. The family tree has a built in genetic calculator. As your build your tree, the built in calculator will automatically calculate who needs to be tested to trace each line in your family.

Organize, Preserve and Share

Organize your DNA data, profile information and even photos and documents in one convenient place for easy storage, retrieval, archiving and printing. Create and link accounts for multiple family members, even your ancestors.
Genebase is private and secure. You have full control over the privacy settings of your tree. Choose who can view your tree. Choose to share only with family or friends, or even lock it completely.

Start your Tree in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Build

Begin by adding what you know (yourself, your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.).

Step 2: Invite

Invite your family to continue adding to your tree.

Step 3: Upload

Upload photos and documents. Archive, organize and share with other family members.