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DNA Paternal Ancestry Test

Learn about your paternal ancestry with our DNA Paternal Ancestry Test kit. Access complimentary databases for a deeper understanding of your family history. Order your kit today to uncover the secrets of your paternal lineage.

This test is only available for men.


Trace Your Direct Paternal Lineage

Our DNA Paternal Ancestry Test uses short tandem repeat (STR) markers on the Y chromosome to trace your direct paternal lineage. This means that you can discover new details about your father’s, father’s, father’s line and beyond.

Match to Populations Around the World

Our extensive databases allow you to match your Y-DNA to populations around the world. Discover your ancient origins and gain a greater understanding of your heritage.

Find Long-Lost Relatives

Connect with long-lost relatives who share your paternal lineage. Our DNA Paternal Ancestry Test provides you with the opportunity to find family members you never knew existed.

Compare Against Famous People

Our Famous DNA Database allows you to compare your Y-DNA against famous and notable people throughout history. See if you have any connections to historical figures such as Marie Antoinette, Genghis Khan, Nicholas Copernicus, King Richard III, and many others.

Choose from our three Y-DNA test options:
  1. Standard Test – Our standard Y-DNA 20 STR Marker Test is perfect for exploring your direct paternal lineage and uncovering the basics of your paternal ancestry.
  2. Advanced Test – Our 44 STR Marker Test provides more resolution and can help you uncover even more information about your paternal ancestry.
  3. Premium Test – Our most comprehensive option, the Y-DNA 101 STR Marker Test, provides the highest resolution and most precise TMRCA calculation available, offering the most comprehensive view of your paternal lineage.
Upgrade Options

If you need more detail than the Standard Test provides, you can upgrade to the Advanced or Premium Test at an affordable cost at a later date. Men can also opt for our Combo Ancestry Test to explore both maternal and paternal ancestry simultaneously.

This test is only for men as it requires Y-DNA analysis. Women can take our DNA Maternal Ancestry Test or trace paternal lineage through a male relative.

Y-DNA refers to the DNA on the male sex chromosome – the Y chromosome. We each have 23 pairs of chromosomes: 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes and two sex chromosomes – the X and Y chromosomes.

Females inherit an X chromosomes from each parent (but no Y chromosome), while males inherit an X chromosome from their mother and a Y chromosome from their father. Very little recombination (mixing) occurs between the X and Y chromosomes in males, hence the Y-DNA essentially remains unchanged through the paternal line, providing an incredibly useful way to trace paternal ancestry.

A Y-STR test analyzes markers in the Y chromosome known as STRs or ‘short tandem repeats’.

STR markers are short segments of DNA (2-13 nucleotides in length), which are repeated multiple times. STR analyses measure the exact number of repeat units. The number of repeats differs between individuals because STRs change frequently. Closely related individuals will have similar Y-STR profiles compared to those that do not belong to the same paternal line.

How It Works

Step 1. Order your test kit online.

Step 2. Collect a painless mouth swab DNA sample and mail it back to the lab using the provided return envelope.

Step 3. Once your sample is processed, log in to Genebase to start using the app.

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