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Learn more about genetic testing

Can Females Take the Y-DNA Test?

Females cannot take the Y-DNA test because females do not carry Y-DNA. Females can choose to test their maternal ancestry using the mtDNA test.

How do haplogroups tell me where my ancestors came from?

The lineage of humans is classified by “haplogroups” and “subclasses”…

What is the benefit of the Y-DNA Haplogroup SNP test?

The Y-DNA Haplogroup Determination SNP Test is intended for people who wish to confirm their Y-DNA Haplogroup.

What does zero mutational distance mean?

Zero, or no mutation difference at HVR1 and HVR2 regions of mtDNA means that the mtDNA profile from the HVR1 and HVR2 regions of your ...

What is Genetic Distance?

Genetic distance is a key measurement value when comparing the Y-DNA STR markers between Y-DNA profiles.

What is nutrigenetics?

Nutrition genetics a relatively new field of research that aims to understand how genes interact with food and other components of food as well as ...

How do I determine my Y-DNA haplotype using Y-STR markers?

A Y-STR marker test determines the number of repeats for several different STR markers. This resulting set of repeat numbers is known as a person’s ...

What is a multi-copy Y-STR marker?

Multi-copy Y-STR markers are STRs that occur more than once in the human genome. This means each marker will have more than one allele value ...

What is the revised Cambridge Reference Sequence?

The Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS) is a fundamental part of mtDNA data analyses. It is called the Cambridge Reference Sequence because the first human mtDNA ...

How do I access my raw data?

The raw data can be viewed from the “My Results” page.  To access your raw data follow these steps:
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