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How is celiac disease diagnosed?

Diagnosis of celiac disease involves medical history, physical examination and laboratory tests. The tests for celiac disease are more reliable if performed under a gluten-containing ...

What is the celiac disease genotyping test?

The celiac disease genotyping test will determine if you carry one or more of the alleles (HLA-DQA1*05, HLA-DQB1*02, HLA-DQB1*0302) associated with an increased risk of developing celiac ...

What are the HLA-DQA1 and HLA-DQB1 genes?

There are more than 200 HLA genes, which are located on chromosome 6 and encode components of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) complex. The HLA complex is ...

What will the celiac disease DNA test results tell me?

Celiac disease is a systemic immune disease which causes inflammation…

What are the signs and symptoms of celiac disease?

The symptoms of celiac disease differ between individuals, with some people only showing minimal symptoms that can easily go undiagnosed, while others are severely affected. ...

How is celiac disease treated?

People with confirmed celiac disease must adhere to a strict gluten-free diet. There is no cure to the underlying immune component of celiac disease, so ...

What are the hemochromatosis risk factors?

Several risk factors are associated with an increased chance of developing hereditary hemochromatosis:

What are the methods for Hemochromatosis treatment?

Hemochromatosis is treated by removing excess iron from the body to bring iron levels back down to normal.

What are the signs and symptoms of hemochromatosis?

People affected with hemochromatosis begin accumulating iron from a young age but the symptoms do not appear until later in life.

How do you diagnose hemochromatosis?

Hemochromatosis is a common disease but it is often misdiagnosed or an accurate diagnosis is delayed. This delay leads to an excessive build up of ...

What is hemochromatosis DNA testing?

Hemochromatosis DNA testing identifies the presence or absence of three mutations in the HFEgene – C282Y (c.845G>A), H63D (c.187C>G) and S65C (c.193A>T).

What is the HFE Gene?

The HFE gene encodes an HLA class I-like protein that is displayed on the cell surface as part of a heterodimer with β-2 microglobulin.
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