It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s painless. Just a simple mouth swab to collect your DNA.

Simply order your Genovate DNA Kit online, collect your DNA, send back to our lab, and view your results online. Order now to start your understanding of your very own DNA.

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Three Easy Steps

What is in a Genovate DNA kit?

Every kit contains all the supplies you need for collecting DNA and sending it back to our lab:

Popular DNA Tests

Front of DNA Paternity Test box
Find out whether you are the biological father of a child.
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Front of DNA Celiac Disease Test box

Almost all people with celiac disease carry at least one genetic risk allele. Find out your risk with this DNA test.

  • Includes HLA variants associated with increased risk
  • Negative results rules out celiac disease for life
  • Accurate even on a gluten-free diet
  • No age limit
  • 24/7 online status check
  • Are you at increased risk of celiac disease?

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Front of DNA Fitness Test box

Are you getting the most out of your workout? Take this DNA test to find out

  • Exercises that are most beneficial for your muscle type
  • Your risk of soft tissue injury and Achilles tendinopathy
  • How well you can tolerate pain
  • Ways to optimize your workout with our revolutionary Genofit app

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Front of DNA Nutrition Test box

Do you want to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need from your diet? Or are you having trouble deciding which supplement you should take? Take this DNA test to find out

  • If your body absorbs, breaks down and uses vitamins and minerals properly
  • Your risk of potential nutritional deficiencies
  • How you can optimize your diet with our revolutionary Genofit app

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Front of DNA Maternal Ancestry Test box

What’s your DNA story? Trace your roots & discover new details about your family history on your mother’s side.

  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequencing
  • Trace your direct maternal lineage
  • Access our extensive databases to match your DNA to populations around the world, find long-lost relatives, discover ancient origins & compare against famous people
  • Both men and women can take this test

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