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DNA Sleep Quality

Deep sleep is a key part in waking up refreshed in the morning. Find out if you are a naturally deep sleeper with this DNA test.
  • Includes the ADA gene associated with deep sleep
  • People with the variant are more likely to be deep sleepers
  • 100% private and confidential online results

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Detailed Description

When we sleep our brains usually alternates between two states – non-rapid eye movement (Non-REM) sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Each sleep cycle is about 80-120 minutes long. We spend more time in NREM sleep in the first half of the night and in REM sleep the second half of the night.

Deep sleep happens in the final stages of non-REM sleep. During deep sleep your heartbeat and breathing slows down as your muscles relax. The brain waves become the slowest producing what known as slow delta waves. Hence, deep sleep is often referred to as slow wave sleep or delta sleep. 

The quality of our deep sleep can be affected by adenosine, a molecule produced during digestion. Build up of adenosine has several different physiological effects one of them is blocking wakefulness or causing drowsiness. So the higher the adenosine levels the sleepier we feel. People who build up adenosine levels faster are more likely to be deeper sleepers.

Take this test to find out whether you are a deep sleeper, so you can ensure that you are getting enough deep sleep.

The Genetics

Our probability of being a deep sleeper is influenced by genetic variation in the ADA gene, which gives instructions to make adenosine deaminase responsible for breaking down adenosine. In people with the variant adenosine is broken down at a slower rate, which is associated with increased sleepiness and being a deeper sleeper. These people also feel sleepier after missing a night of sleep compared to those without the variant.

This test looks at a genetic variation in the ADA gene, which encodes the adenosine deaminase enzyme responsible for breaking down adenosine.

The Importance of Deep Sleep

Deep sleep is necessary to feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Benefits of deep sleep includes
  • Supporting short-term and long-term memory formation
  • Release of hormones that support growth and development
  • Restoring energy levels
  • Regenerating damaged cells
  • Promoting growth and repair of muscles
  • Enhancing the blood supply to muscles
  • Strengthening the immune system

How It Works

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