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More than 11,000 inhabitants of Pompeii were buried under volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. As scientists uncover these remains, they give us an incredible glimpse into the life of a city from the Roman civilization. Find out if you have DNA ties to people from ancient Pompeii.

This web app is only available to users who have taken the mtDNA and/or Y-DNA STR Test.

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Explore your DNA ties to people from Pompeii

Compare: Your DNA profile to 11 ancient Romans uncovered at the home of Julius Polybius

Receive: Detailed genetic comparison report between you and 11 ancient Romans

Show off: Your famous DNA profile with printable DNA match certificates

What You’ll Get

  • Simple, intuitive and dynamic user interface
  • Easy to understand match results
  • Genetic and statistical calculation showing the number of generations between you and 11 ancient Romans
  • Includes lineage information & raw data comparisons
  • Print match results & comparison details. Select from 4 certificate styles
  • Read about the rich history & how each DNA profile was generated
  • Published source of information provided for all profiles
  • Search maternal lines, paternal lines & other family members

How It Works

Compare your DNA to this ancient Siberian to see if you may have descended from the same lineage. Begin by testing your mtDNA. Once your test is complete, login to your account and start comparing.

Create a Free Account

Create your free Genebase account. 

Test your DNA

Order a mtDNA test. Collect a painless mouth swab using the supplies provided in the kit. Mail samples back to the lab for testing. 

Access All Web Apps

Once your results are available, they will be uploaded to your account. You can start using all our FREE ancestry apps immediately.

Features Included

Your link to Ancient Rome

Find out if you have family links to 11 ancient Romans from House of Julius Polybius.


Read the story behind how Pompeii was buried and perfectly preserved when Mount Vesuvius erupted.


Find out how the DNA profiles of these ancient Romans were discovered under the volcanic rubble.


Learn how your DNA can tell you whether you are a descendant of ancient people from Pompeii.

Who you can compare against with this web app

11 Profiles included in this web app:


Pompeii Skeleton 1A


Pompeii Skeleton 1B


Pompeii Skeleton 2A


Pompeii Skeleton 2B


Pompeii Skeleton 2C


Pompeii Skeleton 3A


Pompeii Skeleton 3B


Pompeii Skeleton 3D


Pompeii Skeleton 4A


Pompeii Skeleton 5,6A


Pompeii Skeleton 5,6B

It’s Free!

  • Dozens of exciting web apps, all free once your DNA is tested
  • You only need to test your DNA once to use all of the ancestry web apps for free
  • Free lifetime membership
  • New free web apps added as new discoveries are made
  • Large library of famous historical figures, ethnic and geographical groups and much more!
  • Search your ancestry and dig deeper

Individuals who descend from the same maternal lineage have the same mtDNA profile

The Science

Two types of DNA markers are used by genealogists to trace family lineage: mtDNA markers and Y-DNA short tandem repeat markers.

DNA profiles of these ancient Romans were obtained in 2011 when they were discovered in during an archaeological dig.

This web app compares your mtDNA DNA profile to 11 ancient Romans to see if you may have descended from the same lineage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have mtDNA and/or Y-DNA makers to use this free web app?

Yes, this web app is only available to users who have taken the mtDNA and/or Y-DNA STR Test. Once you have mtDNA and Y-DNA markers, you can have limitless free access to more Genebase-powered free web applications from a variety of ancestry categories like royalty, world leaders, founding fathers, forensic finds, and more!

How do I use this web app?

Genebase will let you know when your mtDNA and/or Y-DNA STR marker results are ready. Testing begins as soon as samples arrive at the laboratory, and the results are released and uploaded immediately to your user account once testing is complete. You can simply log into your Genebase account to access all the free Ancestry web app.

Yes, Genebase works with user accounts. If you have already taken the mtDNA and Y-DNA STR test, you can simply sign in to your Genebase account to view your match results on the web. If you have not tested your mtDNA and/or Y-DNA STR marker, you will need to create a Genebase account with the registration key on your test kit.

Genebase performs analysis on your DNA data. To get more markers, upgrades can be ordered directly from your Genebase user account. All prices shown are in U.S. dollars, and all orders will be charged in U.S. dollars.

Both males and females can take the mtDNA test to trace their maternal line. Only males can take the Y-DNA test to trace their paternal line because only males have Y-DNA. For a female to trace her own paternal line, she would need to test a paternal relative, such as her brother, father, paternal uncles (father’s brother), paternal male cousins (father’s brother’s sons).

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