How do haplogroups tell me where my ancestry came from?

The lineage of humans is classified by “haplogroups” and “subclasses,” which are true biological relationships of groups of people with shared ancestral roots. Each haplogroup is associated with a specific migration path out of Africa and around the world, resulting in haplogroups that are more predominant in specific regions of the world.

The haplogroups are the “trunk” of the tree and the “subclades” are the finer sub-branches of the tree. Haplogroups are associated with people from a general region of the world, whereas subclades allow scientists to further narrow down the population. If population distribution studies are available, you will see the distribution frequency of your haplogroup in the DNA Haplogroup section of your results. Please note that there are no genetic or DNA markers that are found exclusively in one nation, but not others.

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